David has has begun tracking the rhythm section for the newest Temple Rockers album to be called “Festival of Lights”.  The entire recording is being recorded in analog on 2″ reel-to-reel tape on an MCI JH24.  David is producing and engineering the recording sessions at solid Studios as well as playing bass.

He has gathered an all-star cast of musicians including Matt O’Brian (Thunderbody) on the drums, Nate Silas Richardson (long-time Temple Rocker, 10 ft Ganja Plant, Sim Redmond Band) on guitar and clav, John Petronzio (long-time Temple Rocker, John Brown’s Body, Roadman) on organ and piano, and Lucas Ashby (Big Mean Sound Machine) on percussion.

The legendary Jamaican vocalist Linval Thompson is featured on two tracks.  David is planning on working with other veteran Jamaican singers to represent on other tracks.  The album is due to release some time in 2018.