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Deeply grooving organic music • 2003-PRESENT • Ithaca, NY

The first EP from producer/multi-instrumentalist David Solid Gould’s project Record New Highs, a deeply grooving organic music experience rooted in funk, jazz and poly-rhythms, is now available for listening and downloading on this website, as well as on Spotify, Itunes, Amazon, Google Play, Apple Music and Band Camp.

Downright funky and transcendent with soulful vocals, a touch of African flavors and odd time signatures, the new EP consists of three main tracks and four remix versions—all of which were written, produced, arranged and mixed by David Solid Gould.  While the recording sessions for these tracks took place in 1998 and 2003, Gould has been patiently waiting for the right time to release this debut EP, and the time has come!  The EP features an all-star cast of musicians including Brian Wilson on the drums (Anna Koogan, Johnny Dowd), Nate “Silas” Richardson on guitar (10Ft. Ganja Plant, Black Castle, Sim Redmond Band), Mark Berney on trumpet (Itzach Perlman, formerly of the Skatalites), Jhakeem Haltom on vocals (Thousands of One), and Craig Akira Fujita on vocals (Pressure Cooker, 10 Ft. Ganja Plant), among others.  Gould is already in the studio working on material for the next Record New Highs release, forthcoming in 2016, in which he focuses on rhythms created from the rich melodic sounds of the tongue drum, a West African inspired wooden percussion instrument.


Check out the latest Record New Highs EP

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