Solid Studios
Van Etten, NY

Solid Studios is nestled in the woods on 30 acres of private land up in the hills of Van Etten, NY (20 miles south of Ithaca).   The location is ultimate for nurturing a great vibe for your recording experience.  Outfitted with a 1981 MCI JH 24 2” tape machine, Solid Studios is the ultimate place to capture the analog warmth that your recording deserves.  High quality digital recording is another feature the studio offers.

The building is composed of three adjacent structures separated by 6” each to isolate each individual space and prevent vibrational transfer.   There is a control room, live room and two isolation rooms.


Analog to Digital Transfer


 Analog Tape Machines:
Vintage 1981 MCI JH24 24 track two inch tape machine
Vintage Tascam 4 track cassette recorder
Vintage Tascam 8 track cassette recorder

Analog Board:
Soundcraft LX7-II 24-track board

Digital Recording:
Antelope Orion 32 plus audio digital interface
Cubase 8.5
Presonus Faderport 8 Production Controller
Waves Gold Bundle
Abelton Live

Hearback Headphone systems – 8 Stereo mixes

Behringer B2031A Powered Studio Monitors

Mic Preamps:
Manley Labs Force 4-channel Vacuum Tube Mic Preamp
Sphere 4-channel Preamp
Rupert Neve –  Portico 5024 Quad Mic Preamps (4) High Quality, Versatile, Silk

Bass DI:
Reddi Tube Direct Box

Analog Outboard Gear:
Tascam Spring Reverb RS-20B
Universal Audio 1176 LN Limiting Amplifier/Compressor

AKG D112
AT 3035
Cascade Fathead
Mojave Audio MA-200
Senheisser MD 441
Shure KMS32
Shure sm 57
Shure sm 58
Telefunken m81-sh

Pearl Export Drum Kit
Ghanaian Pan Logo
Ghanaian Djebmes
Guinnean Sangban
Tongue Drums
Egg Shakers
Wood Block

Gibson EBO Bass – 1970
Vintage Hoffner – 1970s knock-off Bass
Martin Acoustic Guitar
Taylor Acoustic Guitar

Coronet from 1890s

Bass Amps:
Ampeg SVT 4-pro
Mesa Boogie Pulse 600

Keyboard / Midi Gear:

Korg MS-2000
Korg Kontrol 49 midi controller
Wegman’s Upright Piano
Vintage Hammond Organ
Vintage Hohner Pianet

$60/hour with engineer included


David Solid Gould

David has been producing his own albums since 2001 and has multiple reggae releases on John Zorn’s Tzadik Records.  He’s worked with Jamaican artists Leonard “Sparrow” Dillon of the Ethiopians, The Silvertones, Linval Thompson, Ansel Cridland of the Meditations, and Wayne Jarrett.  As a bass player, he toured the country and recorded with John Brown’s Body between 1997-2002, performing on two Shanachie Records releases.  During that time, he recorded with and backed up Justin Hinds. He’s also performed with the Ethiopians.  He has collaborated with Bill Laswell and the great Romanian saxophone player Yuri Yunakov.  David currently plays bass with 10 Ft Ganja Plant and also his own group the Temple Rockers.

Nate Silas Richardson  

For over 17 years, Nate has been engineering at REP studio, Pyramid Studio and other local studios around Ithaca, NY.  He has an amazing ear to help create Top Notch productions and is a fantastic musician, recording and touring with John Brown’s Body, 10 Ft Ganja Plant, Samite, The Sim Redmond Band, The Temple Rockers and Black Castle among others.  Nate is a Berklee College of Music Graduate with a focus on Film Composing and Jazz composition.

Kenny Christianson

Born and raised in Ithaca, New York’s thriving musical community, Kenny has been immersed in music and various forms of audio production from a very early age. His parents, both musicians, kept a room in their house dedicated to music, affectionately known as “The Studio,” and it was there that Kenny learned to play drums, experimented with making loops on a 1980’s Korg synthesizer, began dismantling broken electronics, and went through many phases of recording everything in earshot.

This passion for music, and the nitty-gritty behind it, has never wavered throughout his life and career.  While spending most of his time as a live audio engineer and sound system technician, both locally and touring, Kenny has continued to develop a strong ear and brings unique approach and skill set to the studio, working efficiently and fostering a relaxed and comfortable environment where art can be created, and captured, freely.

Kenny has worked with: John Brown’s Body, 10ft Ganja Plant, New Kingston, Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, Lettuce, Raging Fyah, Jimkata, Thunder Body, Driftwood, Big Mean Sound Machine, Double Tiger, SensaMotion, Kevin Kinsella, The Temple Rockers

Our Clients:
Reggae Artists:
The Temple Rockers
Mosaic Foundation
Ansel Cridland – The Meditations

Folk Artists:
Mason (Son of Ma)
Jaclyn Eisman
Lisa Gould

World Music Artists:
Juan Carlos Arevalo (Columbia)



David Solid Gould