The Temple Rockers’ new album “Festival of Dub” will be released worldwide on Fresh Roots Records as digital download on 11-30-18. Click HERE to order through our website!  Digital downloads are also available through Itunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, Band Camp and all major digital music outlets. 

Festival of Dub is a remix of our recent release “Festival of Lights”.   Vinyl LPs and CDs will be available exclusively through this website.  Festival of Lights is an analog production of David Solid Gould featuring the Temple Rockers band alongside legendary Jamaican singers Linval Thompson, Wayne Jarrett and Ansel Meditations.  Scroll down to preview some of the songs from the new album.   If you prefer to order through Itunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, Band Camp and all major digital music outlets, click HERE to access.

Here are some links to recent previews of “Festival of Lights”.

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The Temple Rockers play incredibly varied and spiritually inspired Reggae connecting the Rasta and Jewish traditions through the miracle of music.  Producer and multi-instrumentalist David Solid Gould has been fascinated with the musical and cultural crossroads that he has dubbed “Temple Rockers Music”. It’s a blending of traditional Jewish melodies into the rhythmic and harmonic constructs of traditional Reggae, Rocksteady, and Ska music from Jamaica.

Throughout his four recordings released to date, David has involved an all-star group of singers and players, including Leonard  “Sparrow” Dillon of The Ethiopians, Keith “Sleepy” Coley and Gilmore “Smoker” Grant of The Silvertones,  the brilliant engineer Bill Laswell, prodigy Romanian saxophone player Yuri Yunakov, vocalist Craig Akira Fujita of Pressure Cooker and 10 Ft. GP,  drummer Tommy Benedetti of John Brown’s Body,  trumpeter Mark Berney formerly of the Skatalites, saxophone flutist Jared Sims, multi-instrumentalist Nate Silas Richardson of 10 Ft GP, and many others. The live group is 10-12 strong, bringing a classic Deep Roots Reggae sound to the stage.

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Below, Please check out a few videos from the new album, album tracks from previous releases and video footage from live shows….



Peace Dub – from Dub of the Passover – mixed by Bill Laswell, featuring Leonard “Sparrow”Dillon from the Ethiopians and the Silvertones

Once We Were Slaves – from Feast of the Passover – featuring Leonard “Sparrow”Dillon from the Ethiopians and the Silvertones

Hinei Ma Tov Dub – from Adonai in Dub

L’Dor Vador – from Adonai & I




Jamaica Recording Sessions 2009

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